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Hidoes offers many types of electric bikes, including fat tire electric bikes, folding electric bikes and mountain electric bikes, beach ebikes, snow ebikes, vintage e-bike and more.Whether you're looking for a thrilling off-road adventure or a smooth daily commute, Hidoes' electric bikes have you covered. Our diverse selection will open up endless possibilities for you to enjoy cycling in a whole new way.Choose Hidoes, let us take you on a wonderful electric bicycle journey!

Electric Bike FAQs

What is a electric bike called?

An electric bike/ebike is a bicycle with an electric motor to assist pedalling. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery on the bike.

What's the difference between an e-bike and an electric bike?

In most cases, both terms refer to bicycles that utilize an electric motor for propulsion, providing riders with an extra boost of power while pedaling or through a throttle.

Do electric bikes last long?

With proper care, maintenance, and responsible use, electric bikes can last for several years, allowing riders to enjoy their benefits over an extended period of time.

How fast are electric bikes?

Hidoes electric bike are class 3 ebike, speed up to 28 mph.

Is electric bike good for daily use?

Yes, e-bikes are great for everyday use and can be a great mode of transportation for commuting and running errands